Outstanding shop. I've had several weapons transferred through QRF and bought a couple as well. Dan is very knowledgeable about the items he sells and is always respectful and easy to work with.
There's an awesome selection of guns and ammo and they will order it for you if they don't have it in stock. Great prices as well.
Easily the best gun shop in the Magic Valley!


Friendly staff and they almost always have ammo when I go in. My wife and I made 2 firearms purchases. Couldn't have found a better price anywhere for both of them. Staff was very helpful and made both purchases so easy. The owner of qrf is there and is very approachable to talk about firearms and other. Thank you!

Rod M.

Out of all the gun stores in Twin Falls this is by far the best one of them! Daniel and his staff are very knowledgeable and friendly and will answer all questions. His prices are very competitive if not the best deal in town. The full metal Friday postings on Facebook have become a "mandatory" video me and my coworkers watch!

Carl S.

These guys are just awesome. Very knowledgeable and happy to help people out. They definitely have the best prices in town. I have yet to find a firearm at a different store that is cheaper than what QRF sells them for. The best part about QRF is that they do not price gouge on ammo. Full Metal Friday's are awesome!

Mason A.

My wife and I went in looking for a new personal carry, home defense side arm. I wouldn't go any where else. My brother bought from here when he was visiting from Idaho Falls. And I knew it was going to make my next purchase and all future firearm purchases here. I will also make sure that I go here for all my needs for my fireworks and questions I have. The people that helped me were the nicest. The kindest most helpful. Knwldgable, fun and warm people. I can't wait to make my next purchase. Amazing all around. Greatest service. Best products. And the most fun people. Hats off. AmaZing.

Vinny S.

Great customer service!! Has some of the most interesting guns in town. Have bought loads of ammo and two guns already. Very knowledgeable owner. It's feel like family everything I walk in.

War Hawk

Excellent customer service. Tara worked hard to resolve an issue caused by a vendor. She communicated well with me throughout the process. These days it's hard to find such great service.

Devin S.

Awesome shop, friendly owners and a good selection, small, but packs a punch in their solid variety. Good prices too, and another great addition for Twin Falls Idaho. Happy to see the 2nd amendment going strong in this state.

T. S. N.

I've purchased a gun and a knife through these guys. Very knowledgeable and great to work with. Competitive pricing too.

Brock T.

I shopped around town for a firearm and finally came across QRF. Their staff was welcoming and accommodating to someone who didn't know what they wanted when they first walked in.

I listened to the staff speak to other customers as well and their customer service is excellent.

I recommend QRF highly!

Sinuhe M.

Doesn't get any better! God, USA, and guns. Service is always top notch. Will not spend my hard earned money anywhere else. Don't change a thing!

I recommend QRF highly!

Christian S.

All I will say is please inspect the product before you buy. The quality is.....not what you think. It's not necessarily their fault, but if the manufacturer is sending that kind of product I would think they would send it back, instead of having the customer do it.

James J.

Bought a shotgun here. They were really nice and professional but also funny at the same time. Couldn't recommend it enough.

Li D.

Awesome customer service! I have purchased five guns over the last two years and will by more in the future. Competitive prices and very knowledgeable owner.

Tracey M.

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff! Fair prices and the best selection around. Will definitely buy from them again.

Treven J.

I had been looking to customize some of my firearms and these guys were able to get me hooked up with LITERALLY everything I needed. 100% my go to shop.

Brock D.

I've made several purchases from QRF.
The staff is really chummy and personal, it's the kind of environment that you can only get from passionate family-run businesses.

Brennen E.

They are on top of there buisness. Daniel goes above and beyond to make sure you are 100% satisfied .
Support your local buisness.

Justin V.

Awesome shop. Bought 2 guns. Best deal in town.

Daphnie W.

Awesome little store, great selection of interesting guns. Owner is a knowledgeable dude, worth a stop!

Michael G.

Best gun shop experience hands down, always super friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable people and very good prices! Locally owned and operated by far a better experience than walking in Sportsman's Warehouse the staff at sportsman's are rude and not helpful.

jonathan lopez

This is a great FFL. I purchased a firearm from them on Tuesday, it shipped on Wednesday, and I received it on Thursday. Not only are these people fast but the item came as described and works as expected. I recommend them.

BJ Johnson

Sick service, the two guys that help me phenomenal help and knowledge, if you looking to buy a gun, rifle, parts or whatever that you need, this guys have it, my new favorite toy store! (Don't tell my wife)

Oscar Flores

Hands down the best gun store in existence! They have all sorts of toys and the staff is super friendly. Coming from the Socialists Republic of California, I was completely blown away.

Dmitrii Akopian

Knowledgeable courteous staff willing to help. The guys working here are real and enthusiastic guys not just clerks. Great selection of new and used. Willing to wheel and deal.

Ben Maxwell

Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always low pressure and willing to show you any products you're interested in and answer any questions.

Tim Giese

I've purchased all my firearms through QRF. Every experience I have is great. Most shops in town seem like they just want you to LOOK at guns buy a gun and get out, at QRF they'll SHOW you guns. Not only that they'll pull the guns off the wall and hand them to you, they're not afraid to take them apart and show you the internals and how the gun works, as well as pulling multiple off the wall at once and laying them out in front of you so you can compare side by side. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and every time I go in I learn something new. They make buying a gun extremely easy and the layaway is awesome they are actually trying to get you a gun not just take your money.

Mason Taberna

Great family owned business, very knowledgeable staff and the best prices around anywhere!

Miguel Elias

Awesome small shop in Twin! The people were really great and helpful!

jasson hoskins

You guys are awesome thank you

Michael Launier

Love QRF! Support this local veteran owned business for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed. Best prices, great advice, and just a fun place to window shop and chat.


Excellent customer service knowledgeable staff

Brady Hancock

Best gun shop in Twin Falls. These guys and gal go way beyond to make sure that you are taken care of. Beyond fair in every aspect. Amazing selection for a small shop from mild to wild....

If you are shopping for a gun nerd...this is the place!

Steve Myers

Very honest gun shop, refunded me money when I picked up my sbr that I didn't even know I was owed. Something I would have never catched, but their integrity is on point!


My favorite gun store. If they don't have it in stock, they do everything in their power to get it or find it. If they can't get it or find it, they direct you to where you can. Great customer service. I've bought several parts for my builds here...I even stop to just browse.

Sean Wayment

Went in on 2/25/23 to purchase a shotgun for home defense. The gentleman who helped us (believe his name was Joe) was extremely helpful and walked us through a few different options and the pros and cons of them. He also showed us a couple hand guns that we weren't interested in for a future purchase. Everyone in there was friendly and educated, we definitely will be back! Great overall experience!

April Jensen